Terms and Conditions

*Payment of your deposit and acknowledgement of our correspondence will act as your Contract with All Things Lavender and Lace Ltd and deems you to have read, understood, and accepted these terms and conditions.  Please do not hesitate to ask if you would like clarification on any of the below listed points.


What these terms cover:

  • These are the terms and conditions on which we will supply wedding or party decor hire and/or venue styling services to you.

Information about us and how to contact us:

Who we are:

  • We are ALL THINGS LAVENDER & LACE LTD products in the English courts, (hereafter called the “Hiree”), a company registered in England and Wales.  

How to contact us:

Data Protection:

  • All Things Lavender and Lace Ltd lies with the Data Protection Act 1998 and therefore any personal data given to the company is for the use of All Things Lavender and Lace Ltd only and will be kept confidential and not sold to any third party or affiliate company without prior knowledge or permission of the Hirer.

Our Contract with You:

  • The Hire: The Hirer is the person or persons named on the Contract for Hire and/or Styling Services. The Hirer takes responsibility for the goods as listed in the Contract under the ‘Hired Goods’ section during the Period of Hire.  All goods in the ‘Hired Goods’ section remain the absolute property of All Things Lavender & Lace Ltd and the Hirer undertakes not to sell, offer to sell, assign, charge, pledge, underlet, lend or otherwise deal with the products unless agreed otherwise with the company and approved in writing in advance.

  • The Hire Period: The Hire Period is a maximum of 1 day before and 1 day after the event (3 days in total) as agreed prior to the Date of Hire. This can be extended at the Hiree’s discretion, for which a charge may be levied.

  • Deposit and Booking: a non-refundable 30% deposit will be required to secure a booking.  Until the Contract (signed by the Hirer) and deposit is received by the Hiree, and the receipt of this is confirmed in writing to the Hirer, no booking will be deemed to have been made.

  • Payment in full: For simple hire, i.e. under the value of £100, the balance is due in full at the time of booking.  For venue styling, the balance is payable in full no later than three months before commencement of the Hire Period.  This date will be confirmed in the Contract. Without full payment, the Hiree cannot style your venue or release items for delivery. *Note that bookings made within one month must be paid in full at the time of booking.

  • Final Preparations: Final numbers of items, including chair covers and chair sashes, must be confirmed no later than 6 weeks in advance of your event date (or at the time of booking if the time until your event is less than 6 weeks or less).  We understand that guest numbers can be unpredictable, but after this time we cannot guarantee the provision of extra items. 

  • If we can accommodate the provision of extra items after this time the Hirer will be invoiced accordingly within 21 days of the date of the event.  *Please note that further invoices may incur an administration fee.

  • Any additional invoices issued after the event must be paid within 21 days of the date of the invoice. The due date for payment will be made clear on the invoice. Failure to pay the full balance of the invoice will result in immediate recovery action against the Hirer and the balance to be recovered will include interest at a rate deemed reasonable by the court in addition to any costs incurred by the Hiree in pursuing recovery action against the Hirer.

  • Cancellation: If a booking is cancelled more than one month in advance, then no further amount is payable (apart from any goods, favours, etc., purchased by the Hiree on behalf of the Hirer and for sole use by the Hirer.

  • Any items purchased by the Hiree on behalf of the Hirer for sole use by the Hirer (such as wedding favours or personalised signs, etc.,) must be paid for if the balance of the deposit does not cover the cost of these items. The company will make the Hirer aware of any additional costs by providing an itemised invoice to the Hirer within 21 days of the date when notice of cancellation was received.  

  • Once payment of the invoice for sole use items has been received, the Hiree will ensure that these goods are delivered to the Hiree at a time and method agreed in advance by both the Hirer and the Hiree.

  • If a booking is cancelled within one month of the event, then 75% of the full balance will remain payable.  

  • If an Act of God, such as a fire, flood, earthquake or other natural calamity shall force you to cancel your event within one month of the Hire Period, then the company will only require payment for the time spent in planning your venue styling and/or any items purchased on behalf of the Hirer for the Hirer’s sole use (such as personalised signs).  An itemised invoice will be made available to the Hirer in these circumstances for their information and review.  

  • If the total of the invoice exceeds the balance of the deposit paid, then the Hirer is responsible for ensuring the remaining balance is paid in full no later than 21 days from the date of the invoice.

  • If the total of the invoice is less than the deposit paid, then the Hiree will arrange a refund of the difference to the Hirer within 21 days of the date of the invoice.

  • It is up to the discretion of the Hiree to require proof from the Hirer that the cancellation is the result of an ‘Act of God’.  If the Hiree requests this proof and the Hirer fails to provide satisfactory evidence of their claim, then the Hiree reserves the right to require that normal cancellation terms apply as stated above in this document.

  • All cancellations or reductions in numbers of items hired must be confirmed in writing to the Hirer and will only become effective on receipt of this.

What we provide to you:

  • The Hiree will provide event decor items and/or venue styling services as agreed and described in the Contract for Hire and/or Styling Services.

Delivery and Set Up:

  • The Hiree will provide a cost for delivery, set up (if required) and collection based on the round-trip mileage to and from the company registered address and the venue or other delivery destination as specified by the Hirer.  This cost will be itemised in the Contract.

  • Delivery within 10 miles of the company’s registered address is automatically included within the quotation for venue styling services.  If the venue or delivery address is more than 10 miles from the company’s registered address, then there will be a delivery charge of 75p per every additional mile.  

  • This cost is for delivery by the Hiree in a private, insured vehicle(s) and not by an outsourced courier.

  • The Hirer is responsible for arranging a time when the venue will be open for delivery of decor items and/or styling services (as appropriate). This time must be confirmed in writing no later than 14 days before the date of the event. The Hirer is responsible for ensuring that access is available to the Hiree at the time confirmed. 

  • If the Hiree is unable to gain access to the venue at the time and date which the Hirer has confirmed, then we may not be able to re-deliver and no refund will be given.

  • In the event of us not being able to deliver and/or set up the items at the agreed time and place due to an error or fault on part of the Hirer, we reserve the right to charge a waiting cost at the rate of £25 per hour.

  • Once delivered, the Hirer will be solely responsible for the Hired Goods – not the venue, hotel, florist or any other third party who may take possession of or make use of the Hired Goods. The Hirer alone shall be responsible for ensuring the Hired Goods are kept in good order from the time of receipt of delivery until they are returned to the possession of the Hiree.

  • If the Hirer leaves the venue before the Hired Goods are collected by the Hiree, then the Hirer is responsible for nominating a person or persons (preferably employed by the venue) to ensure the Hired Goods are safely packed in the boxes/storage provided by the Hiree and to arrange a time for collection by the Hiree.  *Note that this nominated person(s) is not responsible for the Hired Goods, as responsibility remains with the Hirer until the Hired Goods are returned to the Hiree. Contact details of the nominated person(s) should be supplied to the Hiree within 14 days of the date of the event so that collection of the Hired Goods can be arranged well in advance of the event.

  • Upon completion of the venue styling, or upon the delivery of items to the Hiree's location, the Hirer (or their nominated representative at the venue) must sign to confirm approval of the styling and/or items (taking into account both aesthetics and health and safety).  After this time, the Hiree will accept no liability for death or personal injury relating to the use of our decor items. At this time, the venue styling is deemed to be acceptable, necessitating no amendments, and the Hired Goods become the responsibility of the Hirer.

  • Any discrepancies with an order must be brought to the Hiree’s attention in writing no later than 24 hours after the event. Any discrepancies that are not submitted in writing during this period will be exempt from any credit or refund.

Standard Costs and Damaged Goods:

  • The Hirer will pay for any non-returns, damaged goods, excessively soiled items, or breakages to the Hiree at full retail value.  Details of the retail value of Hired Goods can be supplied if requested at the time of booking for the Hirer’s own information.  We strongly recommend you purchase wedding insurance for such instances. 

  • *Please note that the Hiree advises the use of LED candles rather than live-flame candles.  If the Hirer wishes to use live-flame candles, then there will be a one-time cleaning charge of £30.

  • It is the responsibility of the Hirer to comply with their venue’s requirements regarding candles and naked flames. All Things Lavender and Lace Ltd accept no liability for failures to comply with a venue’s policies nor do we accept any liability for items or property damaged as a result of the use of live-flame / naked-flame candles used during the Hire Period.  

  • All Things Lavender and Lace Ltd takes no responsibility for wax drippings that stain, tarnish or otherwise damage any linens or decor provided by a third party, such as the event venue or another styling company.

  • Standard laundering and/or cleaning charges are included in our prices and this includes stains from food and drinks and light scuff marks, including from shoes, which are considered usual for event hire. 

  • If, upon inspection after cleaning, we find irreversible damage or damage caused by mistreatment (for example, rips, burns, footprints, graffiti, candle wax, excessive food and drink stains, or stains made by crayon, pen or marker) the Hirer will be invoiced for the replacement of goods at full retail price. *Please note that as items are often purchased in bulk, it may not be possible to purchase a single replacement: in this instance the Hirer will be responsible for payment of the full order cost although every opportunity will be pursued to limit the cost of replacement.

  • The Hirer is responsible for any damage to items that are used outdoors or to items used inappropriately, including any soiling or ill-effects resulting from weather conditions or seawater erosion. *Note that in these instances there may be an additional cleaning fee and should items be so badly soiled and cleaning ineffective, a replacement charge will be levied against the Hirer.

  • In the event of undesirable or adverse weather conditions, All Things Lavender & Lace Ltd will hold the sole discretion and final decision on the provision of outdoor decor, due to potential damage and/or safety concerns.  If the company are unable to provide outdoor decor items because of unfavourable weather, then a 75% refund for the items unable to be utilised outside (not the overall invoice) will be available to the Hiree and such refund will be processed within seven days of the event.

Indemnity and Insurance:

  • The Hiree company has a valid Public Liability Insurance policy. Details of the Public Liability policy can be supplied to the Hirer or the Venue by request.  This request must be made in writing to the Hiree and the Hiree will endeavour to supply the policy schedule to the Hirer within 7 days of the date of the written request.

  • The Hirer shall indemnify the Hiree against any claims made by any person for the death or personal injury caused by or in conjunction with the use of our decor items, including chair covers or chair sashes, during the Hire Period.

  • Should our Hired Goods or venue styling services become unavailable on or before the date or time of the event due to an act of God, road traffic accident, severe illness, business closure or personal tragedy then the Hiree will endeavour to assist the Hirer to the best of our ability in ensuring your venue is still decorated for your event, even if this means recommending a local competitor to take over the Contract.

  • If the Hiree’s services become unavailable, the Hiree will provide to the Hirer a written notice of cancellation and the Hirer will only be charged the cost of time spent or items purchased for the Hirer’s sole use if this cost amounts to a figure greater than the deposit paid at the time of booking.  If the cost of labour and/or items purchased for the Hirer’s sole use is less than the amount of the deposit, then the Hiree will arrange for the balance to be refunded to the Hirer within 21 days of the notice of cancellation.  In either case, itemised expenses will be made available to the Hirer for their records and information.


  • The Hirer gives express permission to All Things Lavender and Lace Ltd to take pictures of those elements of decor and design created and set up by the company for the use of promoting the company via their website and social media outlets in order to build the company portfolio.

  • If the Hirer does not wish to allow any such photos of the decor to be taken, please inform the company in writing no later than 14 days before the date of the event.

  • All Things Lavender and Lace Ltd is committed to client privacy and therefore covenants not take photographs of guests, the wedding party, any children in attendance of the event, or of any decor or design provided by or set up by another company or by the Hirer.

  • If the Hirer wishes to approve any such photos that may be used for promotion before they are made public, please make this request in writing to the company no later than 14 days before the event.   


  • This offer is only valid to new clients booking in 2020 for weddings or events in 2020/21/22, but may be extended at the discretion of All Things Lavender & Lace Ltd.

  • Clients must confirm their booking in writing via email.  Once a booking is confirmed, the applicable discount will then be applied, and a final total will be given to the client in writing.  The requested payment must be received within 3 working days by bank transfer or the offer will become invalid.

  • Items purchased by All Things Lavender & Lace Ltd on behalf of the client for the client's sole use, such as personalised signs, will be charged at the full retail price and therefore are not included in this offer. 

  • A small labour charge may apply if styling is deemed intricate enough to warrant.

  • Delivery charges and set up fees (if applicable) do not qualify for discounting and therefore excluded from all offers.

  • In addition to these terms and conditions, all normal terms and conditions as set out on this page are also applicable.

  • In the event of a cancellation within one month of the event date, no refund will be made available (except in certain circumstances, see Terms and Conditions above).  If a cancellation is made more than one month before the event date, then the normal cancellation terms as set out above apply, and a refund of the full total (less the amount of 30% for the normal deposit, and any additional costs for sole-use items - if not covered by the deposit amount) will be returned to the client.

  • All Things Lavender & Lace Ltd reserve the right to withdraw this offer at any time and without notice.

Gio's Truly Scrumptious Treats Ltd:

  • These offers are only valid to new clients booking in 2020 for weddings or events in 2020/21/22, but may be extended at the discretion of the participating companies.  

  • Clients must confirm their booking via the terms and conditions relevant to each company.  Once a booking is confirmed with the original company, the 10% offer will then become valid with the other company.  Booking procedures for All Things Lavender & Lace Ltd can be found below.

Complaints Procedure:

  • It is the policy of the Hiree company to ensure you receive the best care and service possible.  However, if you feel cause to submit a complaint against the company, we ask that you do so first by telephone or email.  We will then endeavour to address your complaint to the best of our ability.  If after this you still feel as though your complaint has not been adequately addressed, we ask that you write to the company director at the company’s registered address.

  • The company director will then investigate your complaint within 48 hours of receipt. You will then receive a written letter from the director outlining their findings.

  • If the director’s findings prove that you have suffered some insult, neglect, error or misfortune as the result of the actions of the company or any of its associates then provisions for recompense, up to and including a full refund of any monies paid to the company, will be arranged. 


  • These terms are governed by English law.

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